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Why No DWI Case Is Hopeless

Drunk driving is a crime that knows no demographic. It can happen to anyone. Assuming that you are able to drive is all too common following a night out with friends. Yet, regardless of that confidence, an unexpected traffic stop can result in an arrest for driving while impaired (DWI).

Not all DWI cases are the same. Various factors come into play, creating legal challenges that require the immediate help of an attorney.

The Life-Altering Risks of A “Do-It-Yourself” Approach
Far too many DWI suspects throughout North Carolina assume that the police have them “dead to rights.” They are convinced by law enforcement that a quick plea of guilty is in their best interests. However, speaking to police officers or appearing before a judge without legal counsel ignores the complexities of these not-so-straightforward criminal matters.

Simply stated, an arrest for drunk driving does not mean a conviction is automatic. The sooner you retain criminal defense lawyer David K. Gross, the sooner we can protect your rights and preserve necessary records and evidence.

Minimizing The Consequences You Face Now And In The Future
Fines and increased insurance rates are only the beginning of the consequences of pleading guilty. While penalties of a first DWI offense are not as severe as multiple drunk driving convictions, it is a legal matter that needs to be taken seriously the first time.

One of the more life-altering consequences of DWI involves your ability to drive legally. License suspension of any length will affect all aspects of your life. While a provisional license that limits where you can keep you on the road, being charged as a repeat offender will likely lead to license revocation.

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