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Shut up Alcohol is released from the breath. The more you talk, the stronger the smell Control the factors you can: Breath & Speech Don’t move Field Sobriety Test: should you refuse? Probably Always refuse HGN: subjective, partially inadmissible=unreliable, 1 Leg Stand: hold one leg up for approx. 30 seconds, hands at sides Walk & Turn: very difficult, even without alcohol in system Alco-Sensor: portable breath test on the roadside, number not admissible Delay Alcohol dissipates from your system at approx. .01 per hour FST’s=time before test, only reason to take is to delay breath testing witness=30 min delay, absolute right to

I Just Got Stopped for DWI, Should I Blow at the Police Station?   One of the most common questions I receive as a defense attorney is “Should I blow if I get stopped for DWI.”  As with most questions I receive, the usual answer is “that depends.” If you decide not to blow, consider the ramifications.  If you are suspected of DWI, the officer has the right to ask you to take a test of your breath or blood.  You as a driver have a right to refuse the test.  If you refuse, your privilege to drive will be suspended by the