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A man who was accused of spiking his wife’s drink with methamphetamines has been found not guilty. According to the District Attorney’s Office, Michael Kirkum was found not guilty of possession with intent to deliver methamphetamines, delivery of methamphetamines, distribution of a food containing a controlled substance and misdemeanor child abuse by a New Hanover County jury last week. The state dismissed a child abuse charge and a resisting a public officer charge. Source:

What happens when a person conceals merchandise in a store, but does not leave? The difference is Shoplifting or Larceny. Shoplifting is charged when a person takes merchandise, and conceals the merchandise from view. This could be done by hiding the item under clothes or being placed inside a bag. The important thing to remember is that this offense occurs as soon as the item is concealed. The person charged with shoplifting does not have to leave the store or go past the line of cash registers. Once the person leaves the store, the charge

A schedule 2 drug is one that the State of N.C. believes has a high potential for abuse; currently accepted medical use in the United States, or currently accepted medical use with severe restrictions; and the abuse of the substance may lead to severe psychic or physical dependence. The most common form of Schedule 1 drugs is Heroin. Possession of Sch. 1 drugs are punished as an I felony.  Sale of Sch. 1 is punished as a Class G felony. If you are charged with possession or sale of Schedule 1 drugs, you need an experienced defense attorney protecting your rights.   For a definitive list

A N.C. man was recently charged with hitting his girlfriend in the head with a television.  Among others, he was charged with Assault With A Deadly Weapon Inflicting Serious Injury.  What about Battery? Can a television be a deadly weapon? First, a deadly weapon does not have to be an object that is inherently dangerous like a gun or knife. A deadly weapon can be any object that is used or has has the potential to cause serious injury. Second, North Carolina does not have a Battery statute. The North Carolina General Statutes that cover Assault are N.C.G.S. 14-32 and N.C.G.S 14-33.

I was arrested for Resisting a Public Officer….. What does that mean?   N.C.G.S. § 14-223 Resist, Delay, or Obstructing (ROD) an Officer in the performance of their duties is a Misdemeanor charge that police officers use whenever they are hindered in doing their job.  It is a very general charge that can cover a wide range of behavior.  Anything from lying to an officer about your name to physically resisting arrest can be charged under this statute. A common place to receive a charge like this is in downtown Wilmington after the bars close.  Combining alcohol and testosterone has a tendency to

A common refrain I hear from clients is how they got arrested for trespassing after they had paid to enter a club or bar. Many people believe that once they have paid to enter a private establishment, they can leave and return as often as they like. Another source of confusion is being able to re-enter the establishment after being told to leave. It is completely up to the bar who they allow in their establishment. Some bars have a leave and pay to re-enter policy. However, the most common arrest for trespassing around bars is when a patron has

Recently, a UNCW student was arrested and charged with a felony after being pulled over on campus with a gun in his vehicle. The news story did not say whether the student was on campus for a class or school business, or just driving across the campus. The story also failed to mention if the student had a concealed carry permit. NC law prohibits the carrying of weapons on campus. The penalties for this charge can be severe. However, there are exceptions in the law for Concealed Carry Permit holders. (CCP). Basically, the law allows CCP holders to cross campus